Alejandro Basteri reveals the reason why he does not have much contact with Luis Miguel

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Alexander Basteriyounger brother of Luis Miguel, had an exclusive interview with the famous journalist from shows mexican Pati Chapoyon the occasion of presenting its new clothing line inspired by her mother, Marcela Basteri, called “Basteri Collection”.

Although the interview was for the purpose of the clothing line, Pati Chapoy also took advantage to ask him about his relationship with his brothers, Luis Miguel and Sergio Basteri, to which the businessman replied that “they are no longer 20 years old” and therefore their occupations prevent them from frequenting each other.

About the location of his brothers, Sergio Basteri was bookedHowever, he confirmed that Sergio is living in Spain, to later point out that they are “worldwide” because of their multiple commitments.

“We are global, we are on one side, we are on another, I couldn’t tell you exactly (where we live) because we’re kind of mysterious, I can’t tell you the state secrets.”

How is the current relationship between Alejandro Basteri and Luis Miguel?

In the same interview Pati Chapoy for her program “Ventaneando”, Alexander Basteri He clarified that he is not a spokesman for his brothers and that although they have been estranged due to labor issues, he has great affection for them.

“I speak for myself, I am not a spokesperson for either of my two brothers, I love and adore them, I speak for myself“, he pointed out. In addition, Luis Miguel’s younger brother confessed that the clothing line “Basteri Collection”has allowed him to vent memories of his past.

“Right now I’m reliving things that I had totally covered up and thanks to this eventuality, which is to open up the topic of my family, I’m beginning to feel a special emotion very surprising, remembering very strong moments, for a reason I am doing what I am doing, it is not a business matter,” said the businessman.

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