News Alert on the presence of masks and gloves in...

Alert on the presence of masks and gloves in recycling bins


Gloves, masks, tubes … Proprec agents alert about medical waste found in recycling bins. – Clean

The Paprec group, specialist in
recycling of collective waste, raised an alarm cry relayed by the community of municipalities in the country of
Lunel, in
the Hérault. In charge of the public service delegation, the company warns of the many used masks or surgical gloves found in recycling bins.

“This undesirable waste for several reasons in a sorting center endangers the agents who work there. This is special waste which must follow a particular path if it comes from healthcare personnel or be put in the trash if it is domestic waste, “explains the community of municipalities.

The selective collections in the Pays de Lunel and other surrounding territories are not mixed with household waste. So it goes on a chain with agents who sort them.

Threats of no longer collecting

To maintain their activity, while ensuring the health security of its agents, Paprec requests to strictly comply with the sorting instructions. “From now on, an even more in-depth check on entrants will be carried out,” warns the intermunicipal authority with this pending threat: “The territories identified will no longer be accepted, leading to the elimination of recyclable collections. “


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