Algeria caught up with the second wave and controversy

In turn, Algeria is facing an alarming upsurge in Covid-19 cases. While the controversy swells over the holding of the referendum campaign in these conditions, two weeks ago, the doctors denounce the lack of resources allocated to the hospital.

On November 5, in the midst of a health crisis, Algerians were called to the polls to vote on a new Constitution. In the preceding days, political parties close to power have been allowed to campaign. Large gatherings, often in closed rooms, were organized.

In a video posted on social networks, the doctor Kamel Bouzid, head of department at the Mustapha-Pasha hospital in Algiers, believes that these meetings should never have been authorized. “We are now paying the costs of this farce”, does he get carried away on the news site Radio M.

According to him, the contamination figures have jumped since November 5. He concludes that the referendum campaign is “The main cause of the spread of the pandemic in recent days in Algeria”. One thing is certain, like the title El Watan, the country in turn faces the second “Murderous wave”.

The number of patients underestimated?

Even though the president himself has been stricken with the disease and is hospitalized in Germany, the number of official cases of Covid-19 is already alarming for a country ill-equipped with beds


Malik Ben Salem

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