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Lima Alliance still living a nightmare without expiry in the Liberators cup. The new defeat in the international competition, this time against Fortaleza (2-1) in Brazil, has aggravated what was already known: the blue and white institution has the worst numbers in the history of the competition, a fact that also transcends in the worst Peruvian streak in more than 60 years of participation in this continental event.

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At the Castelão Stadium, Alianza Lima had a great chance to rescue a valuable draw. Pablo Lavandeira’s goal in the 70th minute made it 1-1 on the scoreboard and gave the ‘intimate’ hope back, but an oversight in the final stretch of the match cost them too dearly: Hércules (79′) sentenced the Blue and Whites’ fall with the final 2-1.

After that, the negative streak of the La Victoria club extended to 26 consecutive games without winning, establishing itself as the worst of all time in the Copa Libertadores. But that is not the only problem that must be solved in La Victoria.

According to the journalist specialized in statistics, Jesús Chirinos from the portal Son Datos No Opinions, Alianza Lima is the team with the worst goal difference (-137) and one of the teams with the highest losing percentage (60%) in the entire history of international competition. The Victorian club has lost 103 games out of 171 played to date.

It’s been more than 10 years without the Blue and White team celebrating a win in the Copa Libertadores. The last victory of the ‘intimates’ happened on March 13, 2012, when they beat Nacional de Montevideo 1-0 at home. Since then, everything has been gray.

In fact, this current Alianza Lima crisis extends to all Peruvian clubs. And it is that, with his defeat this week, along with that of Sporting Cristal, 12 consecutive falls of Peruvian teams have been accumulated in the Copa Libertadores.

According to Jesús Chirinos, in 62 years of history, this is the worst Peruvian streak of successive defeats in the tournament. As if that were not enough, in these 12 lost games, national teams have conceded 25 goals and scored just threea pattern that has been repeated a lot in recent years.

Even until recently, the Peruvian teams accumulated eight consecutive matches without scoring goals, but finally that negative streak was broken when on the second date of this edition both Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal were able to score.

edition Ronda Broken
2021 Group stage University 0-6 Palmeiras
2021 Group stage Sporting Cristal 0-3 Sao Paulo
2022 Phase 1 Cesar Vallejo 0-1 Olympia
2022 Phase 1 Cesar Vallejo 0-2 Olympia
2022 Level 2 University 0-2 Barcelona SC
2022 Level 2 University 0-1 Barcelona SC
2022 Group stage Sporting Cristal 0-2 Flamengo
2022 Group stage Alianza Lima 0-1 River Plate
2022 Group stage Sporting Cristal 1-2 U. Católica
2022 Group stage Alianza Lima 1-2 Colo Colo
2022 Group stage Sporting Cristal 0-1 Talleres
2022 Group stage Alianza Lima 1-2 Fortaleza
TOTAL 12 defeats 3 goals for, 25 against
Worst consecutive losing streaks Weather
12 defeats 2021 (2) – 2022 (10)*
11 losses 2002 (11)
10 defeat 2000 (1) – 2001 (9)
10 defeats 1979 (2) – 1980 (8)

Be that as it may, the crisis in Peruvian football is clear and palpable. The adverse participation in Copa Libertadores is the clearest reflection. At the moment, there is no solution in sight, but the Blue and Whites still have time to redeem themselves and, at least, end this infamous drought of victories in the international competition.

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