AliExpress products are being returned even with Conformal Shipping

2023-11-25 13:00:00

People who purchased recent products on AliExpress are experiencing returns, even after the Chinese store joined the Federal Revenue Service’s Compliant Shipping.

Correctly paying taxes at the time of purchase through the application has not been enough, Brazilian customs is preventing several products from entering the country.

Remessa Compliance was created to guarantee immediate payment of import taxes during purchases on the sales platform. AliExpress joined the program, causing concern among consumers who saw the Chinese platform as an interesting alternative to purchasing foreign products not available in Brazil or at more affordable prices.

Federal Revenue blocking products

AliExpress users have been observing the status “unauthorized import – subject to return” in tracking products purchased through Remessa Conform. Even correctly complying with tax obligations, the Federal Revenue Service is blocking several items and sending them back to senders.

Possible Reason: Inadequate Description in the Customs Declaration

When opting for Conformal Shipping, although taxes are paid in advance, the generic item description on the box label declaration may be causing problems. The suspicion is that Brazilian customs is not accepting generic information, even with taxes paid.

Now, it is crucial that the seller include the exact name of the product model in the declaration to ensure authorization from the Federal Revenue Service.

Although it is not the direct responsibility of the buyer, the inspector warns that the correct preparation of the declaration is the sole responsibility of the sender. It highlights the importance of operators informing customers about customs procedures and ensuring complete completion of declarations.

Brazilian customs are intensifying the analysis of AliExpress orders, making it more difficult to try to circumvent the system. While sellers and customers have looked for ways to avoid taxes, the federal government is likely to establish new rules to stop these practices.

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