Alizée and Maxime (The battle of the couples 2) parents for the first time, they reveal a photo of their daughter and her first name

Pink Notebook! Alizée and Maxime have just become parents for the first time. To see what their little girl looks like and find out her first name, it’s here.

While we wonder if Vincent Queijo and Rym will take part in The Battle of the Couples 3 after a clue sowed doubt, a couple emblematic of season 2 of the TFX program has just given birth to their first child. It is Maxime and Alizée! Remember, it was on May 10, 2020 that the two candidates who also participated in Beijing Express announced that they were expecting a happy event. For the occasion, Alizée wrote on Instagram: “The best secret that we have kept for 4 months. No words can express the happiness that life offers us. This year promises to be full of change”. Subsequently, the couple announced that they were going to have … A little girl!

Finally, after months of patience, it is this Friday, October 15, 2020 that Alizée gave birth. As you can see from the posts above, young parents are happier than ever. In the caption of the first family photo, Maxime said: “Welcome, Welcome! 3,750 kg, 52 cm, slanted eyes, the hair of a monkey, an Asian nose, the lips of his mother, the feet of his dad. Thi-Waï the fruit of our love is born”. As for Alizée, she wrote: “Our little Thi-Waï made this October 15, 2020 the most beautiful day of our life. We are so happy and fulfilled by this little being whom we already love with an indescribable love”. All the editorial staff of melty joins us in sending our congratulations to Maxime and Alizée! In addition, be aware thatan emblematic couple of the Angels would be in the cast of The battle of the couples 3.

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