All you need to know about vitamin D deficiency in the body from damage and health alternatives

Vitamin D” It is one of the important vitamins for the body, which contributes significantly to maintaining the health of the bones and the body in general, and during this report we will learn about everything related to vitamin D deficiency in the body, according to the “topsante” website.

What is the importance and role of vitamin D?

Vitamin D plays a major role in maintaining the health of bones and teeth, and when a person is exposed to a deficiency of its percentage in the body, the chances of infection and exposure to severe pain in the joints of the body increases, and it protects against colorectal cancer.

What are the sources of vitamin D?

Vitamin D can be obtained through certain types of foods, such as fish, including salmon, herring, egg yolk, milk, and tuna, and also through sunlight and exposure to it for at least 15 minutes a day.

What are the effects of vitamin D deficiency on the body?

When you suffer from vitamin D deficiency, the chances of infection and exposure to some health problems increase, including:

Osteoporosis and teeth.

Body muscle pain.

Chronic fatigue.

– Depression.

Increased risk of breast cancer.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?

Constant feeling of tiredness.

– Bone pain .

Mood swings.

Depression and poor mental state.

Hair loss.

– overweight.

Ease of exposure to bone fractures.

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