Alleged Friend of President Dina Boluarte Appointed Central Manager of CEABE: Ineffective Budget Management Raises Concerns

2024-04-22 12:07:00

Former co-worker and alleged friend of President Dina Boluarte, José Cedrón, would have been appointed central manager of the Center for the Supply of Strategic Goods (CEABE) of EsSalud a few months after the president took office.

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According to ‘Cuarto Poder’, José Cedrón Caballero and Boluarte Zegarra met in the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) between 2016 and 2021. However, when the now president was appointed head of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), her friend was assigned as head of the Supply Office of said portfolio, in October 2021, after having paid a visit to the ministerial office.

In 2023, six months after Boluarte assumed the presidential position, José Cedrón was appointed advisor II in the Legal Advisory Management of EsSalud and only a month later he was appointed central manager of CEABE, becoming responsible for the purchase of medicines and medical instruments nationwide.

However, the alleged friend of the president manages a budget of 2 billion soles in CEABE with ineffective management. In 2023, CEABE’s Annual Contracting Plan (PAC) shows worrying figures. Of the 241 scheduled purchasing processes, which exceed 2 billion soles, only 127 were awarded, equivalent to about 418 million soles. This represents an effectiveness of 53% in contracts and 20% in the use of money. In addition, there is a trend of other urgent contracts, of smaller amounts, with unknown suppliers. Essalud in Emergency.

According to Sandro Stapleton, president of the CCL Health union, in medicines in the month of February, there have been had 52% of contracts to guarantee that there is 12-month care; In the case of instruments, it did not reach 30%.”

Cedrón Caballero avoided answering how he came to office. As soon as he was asked whether or not he worked with the president at Reniec, the CEABE manager closed the door.


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