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2024-04-24 03:35:28

Thanks to the fact that the live action series “Fallout TV Series” broadcast exclusively by Prime Video was well received overseas, Bethesda’s “Fallout” game series has attracted a large number of new and old players. This number has reached an astonishing number. Nearly 5 million players per day,” and this period also spawned some interesting social memes.

That’s right, just like the launch of the NETFLIX series “The Witcher” or “Electronic: Edgewalker”, the success of the “Old Life” series directly led to the video game business. According to Bethesda’s official X/Twitter, “The entire “The Last of Us” game series attracted nearly 5 million players online in a single day.

This pioneering achievement also helped “Distinction 76” set the highest online peak record on Steam.Reached 72,930 concurrent players on April 22

Of course, with a large number of new and old players investing in the game “Fall of Life”, overseas communities have begun to spread the trend of veterans leading newcomers on the Internet. It is interesting that many fans of “Fall of Life: New Vegas”. ” “are very friendly” advises novices to visit the “quarry”.

In recent days, many foreign players have said that this career is better and there is a better place, and they should go there as soon as possible. Whether serious or joking, many novices doubt what is hidden there. the career.

Yes, the surprise is “Mother Deathclaw”.

Players who are familiar with “New Vegas” know that there is a very enthusiastic Mother Deathclaw in the quarry south of Vault 19. Her movement speed and attack power are almost as high as anyone who performed at “New Vegas”. nightmare.

Therefore, you can imagine the situation of unprepared novices arriving at the career, which is also a popular joke in “The Last Life” nowadays.

The “Fallout” series will be released on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform on April 11, 2024.

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