“Altuna III as a pelotari is a nine in everything”

They have known each other since they were little, but the progression of one and the other has been different in the professional field. But nevertheless, Altuna III and Darío will meet on Sunday in the Astelena fronton of Eibar in the fight for a place in the Manomanista final. The Riojan has arrived when few expected him, and more, seeing the staircase he had. “I’m enjoying it,” he admits. That is one of the keys to its explosion. “I’m having a dwarf, the people around me too, and that’s the important thing,” he emphasizes. Before he had a hard time, “but I’m quite stubborn and based on determination I have managed to get these results.”

The one from Ezcaray knows that he will have a very complicated duel on the Gipuzkoan court but does not want pressure. “Amezketa’s is a clear favorite and I’ll come to make things difficult for him.” It is a formula that has worked for him throughout the championship and he does not want to change it. «Against Irribarria I went out to see what happened, to see if I could surprise. It’s another different tension, I hope that on Sunday I jump the same to the field, “he acknowledged.

“I would be very excited to play the second final of the Manomanista at the age of 24”, acknowledges the Gipuzkoan

Know your opponent. “Altuna II as a pelotari is a nine in everything,” he sums up. «He doesn’t get the best one, but he has a good opening move. Defend and finish the goals very well, technically very good and mentally even better», He points out. But not all games are the same, “and everyone can have bad days, so you have to be there to take advantage of it.”

After beating the champion Irribarria admits that it was difficult for him to assimilate it. His goal was to enter the championship after beating Peio Etxeberria in the previous one that forced him to play despite winning the promotion txapela last year. Then he has already gone “day by day” until he managed to stand one step away from the peak shock. Has fulfilled a dream, “But that already has to be ending and I have to focus on how to raise the game,” he stresses.

He is aware that improvisation is not convenient at this point. You need to play the game that has led you to this point in the competition, “Based on the serve, on fighting every so often and taking him to my field, to see if he lets go.”

“Very dangerous”

Altuna III recognizes the evolution that the Rioja has experienced throughout the competition. «Against Zubizarreta in the first half I didn’t see him enjoy himself, but against Irribarria the ball came out of his hand much faster and he was calmer. Y When a pelotari goes out to the fronton like this and has nothing to lose, it is very dangerous», Highlights. The Guipuzcoan has the possibility of playing his second heads-up final at the age of 24 and is not one of those who misses his opportunities. «It would make me very excited. When I started in professionals it was always said that in this modality it would be difficult, but I am being competitive and I am happy », he admits.

He will start as a serious candidate for victory and pressure is included in favoritism, but Amezketa’s does not make excuses. «You have to know how to carry it and if I lose it will be because he has been better», stands out. He admits that Darío’s serve can put him in difficulties, but he will try to prepare the rest well so that the damages are as minor as possible.

In the choice of material there were no problems. They both selected quite similar quarters Except for a ball from La Rioja that has a bit more output. “I have seen that he has withdrawn it immediately and I have stayed with it,” acknowledged the one from Ezcaray. The remaining three “are not very fast,” he said.

The shovel league returns today to the Bizkaia fronton

After the stoppage due to two positives by Covid-19 of its protagonists last weekend, the Kutxabank League of professional shovel returns today to the Bizkaia fronton with the aim of recovering one of the two uncontested matches. At 7:00 p.m., Fusto-Urrutia and Necol-Gordon will measure their forces in a clash that promises.

On Sunday (12.00) the third day will be played with another pair of clashes. The French striker and his teammate will play against Garate and Ibai Pérez in the clash that will open the festival. In the second, the Argentine and Armintza’s will have Ibarguren and Ibargarai as rivals.


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