Am Chonthicha posted a picture of the concert after entering the Grammy Gold. The trend was so strong that the feedback collapsed! (picture)

Aside from Am Chonthicha, a duel champion artistsongWin 21 times, the owner of the single “The Promise that…Chanuman” has signed a contract with Grammy Gold pastShe received overwhelming responses after performing at many concerts. until she came out to post her thanks continuously

On the 29th of November that passed. At Am’s first show after signing the contract She posted, “Thank you for the love and kindness that you have for Nong Am. Thank you to the pastor measuring board Phet Ban Phaeng Girls’ Troupe Parents and siblings at Ban Thon Buri, Kalasin Province #Ban Hug Am family , Father Tu Mae Jeab, Father Danny USA, Boxer Uncle from Singapore , P’ Lee from Burma and every smile in front of the stage ” until the fans’ comments are overwhelming.

and the latest in the evening of December 3past She posted a picture from her latest event with the caption, “Thank you to the host and the people of Warin Subdistrict, Si Mueang Mai District Ubon Ratchathani Province and every fan People who come to support Nong Am today.”

pastsong “The promise that… Chanuman” that Teacher Sala decorated for Am Reached number 1 on the chartsLook Thung JOOX and quickly has millions of views, with fans having to follow up on what works Aam will have to follow after this.

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