Amazon announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market and announced that it will be out of service on July 15

2023-05-24 10:22:57

The tense relationship between China and the United States has caused many foreign companies to withdraw their capital from China. Amazon, an American e-commerce company, suddenly announced yesterday (23rd) that it would divest and withdraw from the Chinese market, and announced that it will stop operating its Chinese website on July 17 this year.
Amazon China’s official website recently sent an email to notify users that it will stop the service of the Amazon App Store in China on July 17. Amazon stated that it will work with platform sellers before the outage to ensure a smooth transition and provide customers with the best experience. Amazon also stated that sellers who intend to continue selling goods on Amazon outside of China can sell goods through Amazon’s global sales website.

Amazon said that its withdrawal from the Chinese market will not affect operations in other regions.

The Amazon App Store is an application store launched by Amazon, and it is also the official application store of its Fire OS system and the third-party genuine application store of the Android system. It was launched on March 22, 2011. At present, nearly 200 countries can use the Amazon App Store .

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