Amazon has an anti-theft shoulder bag for $ 33

It looks like a shoulder bag, but acts like a bodyguard. (Photo: Amazon)

You spend countless hours packing carefully for a trip. You have the toothbrush, the pajamas, the cozy airplane outfit, the little black dress … but one of us doesn’t take one with us when they are and should be traveling. Here’s a tip: what would ruin a perfect vacation? Be robbed!

Luckily, Amazon offers Travelon’s theft-proof shoulder bag for up to 57 percent off – that’s $ 32 less than $ 75! It looks like a standard wallet, but is packed with nifty features to keep you safe.

Imagine the following: You are on a crowded train and someone is bumping into you. Did you just get pickpocketed? Not with this crossbody, thanks to the lockable zippers!

The bag even protects you while drinking a cappuccino in a street cafe. Lockdown straps secure the bag to a chair or other stationary object so that no one can fall away with your valuables. All four sides are provided with a slit-proof net lock. Inside the belt is a stainless steel wire that protects against theft by slashes.

The slim bag has adjustable, cut-resistant straps and a practical bottle holder. (Photo: Amazon)

Another type of theft we need to worry about? Electronic identity theft. Passports and some credit cards contain chips with identification information that can be hacked – which means pickpockets don’t even have to search your pockets! But this bag is also equipped with RFID card slots (Radio Frequency Identification Blocking) and pass pockets.

When you’re traveling, staying organized is a must, and this baby does just that. It does a lot of things without being full – magic! The main compartment is perfect for a 10-inch tablet and has zippered compartments at the front and back for additional storage space. An inside key clip with LED light helps you find objects that are hiding below. The outside is made of a water and dirt repellent fabric that can be easily wiped off.

Zippers show potential pickpockets who’s the boss. (Photo: Amazon)

Available colors include Midnight (top for $ 33), Nutmeg ($ 40), Black ($ 36) and a blue zigzag stripe ($ 39.50 below). Critics are crazy about this shoulder bag, pack it with the bare essentials and love every minute of it. “Was able to fill this fuller than a 30 pound. Christmas turkey … I’m surprised it didn’t swallow, “says a fan.” I used it as hand luggage for a trip from the Midwest to Cali. Admittedly, I travel lightly, but this wallet has itself You can put your credit cards in the outside pocket and attach the zipper to a small metal D-ring and carry that part next to your body.There is a diagonal outside pocket with the same type of anti-theft zipper for papers etc. that I wore outside Also able to add a security zip to the main compartment. All in all, a great purchase. “

The compartments of the bag have lobster clasps. (Photo: Amazon)

“It is too embarrassing for me to admit how much time I spent looking at travel bags online when it was one of the first ones I saw,” says a customer. “I should have just bought it back then and saved myself all the time. The size is perfect for me as it doesn’t look too bulky, but I can put a few things in if necessary (e.g. my family wants me to hold all their crap in my hand). The bags work exactly the way I want to use them. My phone has easy access to the front flap pocket and other zip pockets for wallet, sunglasses, etc. ”

“The best travel bag ever,” enthuses another five-star reviewer. “Great side pocket for a water bottle. Easy to wear as a crossbody. Believes a lot for a medium bag. Secure anti-theft clips from zippered pockets are easy to use. “

Buy it: Travelon Anti-Theft Classic shoulder bag, $ 33 to $ 40, depending on the color ($ 75), “data-reactid =” 80 “>Buy it: Travelon Anti-Theft Classic shoulder bag, $ 33 to $ 40, depending on the color (previously $ 75),

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