Amazon smashes the price of this pack of 2 surveillance cameras in 1080p

Going on vacation is more and more dreaded by many of us, as well as having your second home unattended as summer approaches. And without going so far as to pay you for the services of a security company, this batch of surveillance cameras signed eufy is really worth the detour ! Indeed, this device is 100% wireless. Receive your package, attach the cameras to the most strategic places, insert the batteries and you have up to 3 months of battery life.

Another advantage, they do not need to be sheltered from the rain because they meet the IP67 standard, and therefore fear neither dust nor storms. In addition, thanks to the 16GB of SSD memory, you can have 3 months of images recorded in 1080p (HD), including at night thanks to the integrated luminous flash.

In addition, unlike many other alarm systems of this type, the eufy 2C camera uses artificial intelligence so that it is able to identify human movement, and not alert you when it detects the cat of the next to. By connecting your cameras to your Wi-Fi network, you can also receive real-time alerts on your smartphone, and react quickly even if you are away. In short, eufy 2C is the perfect safety companion for a hassle-free summer.

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