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Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) and ex-wife Amber Heard (Amber Heard) accused each other of defamation and domestic violence, the lawsuit is being tried in Virginia, the United States has entered the fourth week, Amber Heard sits Go to the witness stand, crying in court for two consecutive days, the process of being subjected to domestic violence by Johnny Depp over the years. However, when a well-known live broadcaster replayed the court video, they found that Amber Heard was suspected of looking at the camera before crying.

After Amberhead glanced at the camera, a flash appeared. (Photo/Retrieved from Asmongold TV)

“Former” Asmongold, a well-known Twitch live host of “World of Warcraft”, who has a permanent audience of 80,000 viewers, he (6th) started a live broadcast to have fun with fans. So she clicked on the video of her sobbing and retorting the “bottle assault” by Johnny Depp.

In the film, Amber Heard burst into tears, and when he was wiping away his tears, he opened his eyes very quickly and glanced somewhere. Asmongold repeatedly stopped and watched, then shouted “Wait! I understand! This person is really smart. She glanced at the person taking the photo, and immediately the flash flashed, obviously she was signaling to the photographer. , this is really amazing.”, believes that Amberhead deliberately stopped his movements so that the reporter could take a good photo.

After the Asmongold video was exposed, in just a few hours, there was a lot of discussion in the comment area below. Many netizens said that “she cried very loudly, but she never saw tears”, “Amber Heard cried really hard. Exaggerated,” and even a woman who claimed to be a victim of domestic violence left a message: “A behavior like Amber Head will make more victims afraid to speak up for themselves.” Shooting, it is too out of context”, “Just right? Is there any evidence?” Netizens set off a debate between pros and cons.

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