AMD rumored to launch a cheaper A620 motherboard in February 2023, no overclocking capability, only DDR4 channels but still must use DDR5 memory (188224)

When AMD announced the AM5 platform, it promised that the price of the motherboard would be as low as US$125, but even the cheapest B650 motherboard is currently close to US$180 (the lowest price in Taiwan is about NT$5,500), but according to reports, it is even cheaper The A620 motherboard will come out in February, and it is expected to achieve the promised price of $125, because the A620 chipset will significantly cut down channels. However, due to platform limitations, the A620 can only be used with relatively high-priced DDR5 memory.

▲ Since the AM5 platform only supports DDR5 memory, the construction cost for mainstream systems is relatively high

According to reports, the A620 platform will abandon the new generation of PCIe Gen 5, and only provide PCIe Gen 4 channel technology at the highest, which also means that the motherboard can save a lot of cost, but it is still unclear how streamlined the channels of the A620 are. At the same time, it is not sure whether to keep the overclocking function, at least the A520 of the AM4 generation will remove the overclocking function. If the final functionality of A620 is only equivalent to Intel’s H610 and only provides basic installed-level functions, it will not be very attractive to ordinary players. Since they can only be matched with DDR5 memory, I am afraid that most AMD players will still try to wait for the B650 platform. cut prices.

For AMD’s AM5 platform, the biggest problem in the initial stage of listing is the high overall system construction cost. The main reason is that AM5 provides more high-speed I/O than the current Intel platform, and only supports the new generation of DDR5 memory. The second is that the initial processors do not have an absolute advantage compared with Intel’s similarly priced products, but it has actually promoted the hot sale of the last-generation AM4 platform; however, as the end of 2022 began to reduce processor prices and CES announced the Ryzen 7000 X3D series processors, AMD once again in High performance has advantages, and it also generates less heat than competing products. However, from a mainstream perspective, the biggest threshold for the AM5 platform is that it can only be used with DDR5, resulting in high overall construction costs.

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