American thought he was lost in the jungle, it was Puerto Vallarta

PUERTO VALLARTA.- An American lived an experience that seems taken from an episode of ‘The P. Luche Family’ after being lost for years in what he thought was the jungle, but was actually Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

This is a man known as “May”whose case went viral on social networks in recent days.

American is lost for years in Puerto Vallarta

In days gone by, people walking through a green area of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco They noticed a man in the middle of the jungle, which they quickly reported to the corresponding authorities.

Agents of the Tourist Police They moved to the area and found the subject, identified as a US citizen, who had been missing for years.

“May” was reportedly lost for four years, thinking he was in the middle of nowhere but in reality he was in Puerto Vallarta, one of the most touristic cities in Puerto Vallarta. Mexico.

Internet users compared the situation with the first episode of the second season of “La familia P. Luche”, a series created by Eugenio Derbez.

Photo: The i Yucatan

At the end of the first season the plane in which the P. Luche family was traveling fell and in the next it was discovered that Ludovico, Federica and their children survived although they were lost for years on what they thought was a desert island but it turned out to be Cancun .

With information from The i Yucatán.

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