America’s top 10 most ‘overpaid’ bosses

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The American shareholder advocacy NGO As You Sow recently unveiled its new 2021 ranking of the most ‘overpaid’ bosses in the United States. Here is the inglorious top 10.

To establish its classification, As You Sow was not only based on the difference between the salary received by the boss of a company and the median compensation of employees, but also on the approval rate of shareholders in relation to the compensation of the manager and on the performance of the society.

And the winner is…

And in this game, it is the big boss of Alphabet (Google), Sundar Pichai, who arrives at the top of this not very shining ranking of the most ‘overpaid’ bosses.

According to the report of the NGO, the CEO would have received in 2019 the trifle of 280 million dollars. This is 1,085 times the median salary of Google employees. In addition, nearly 70% of external shareholders rejected this compensation. Even if in fact, the proportion fell to 25% following the votes of the two founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin, who enjoy extraordinary power and support Sundar Pichai.

In second place is Discovery boss David Zaslav with $ 45 million in salary, 578 times the median compensation of his employees, and an 85.5% shareholder opposition rate.

Larry J. Merlo, of CVS Health Corporation, completes the podium: $ 36 million in salary, 790 times median compensation, and nearly 80% opposition to his compensation.

Here is the top 10 established by As You Sow:

Source: As You Sow

© Provided by Business AM
Source: As You Sow

1,675 times the median salary

Further in the ranking, we find Robert A. Kotick (Activision Blizzard) in 16e position, Satya Nadella (Microsoft) in 24th place or Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), who only points to 73e rank, thanks to compensation that is ‘only’ 94 times the median income of its employees.

Finally, the palm of the boss with the most disproportionate remuneration compared to that of his subordinates goes to Kevin R. Johnson, the leader of Starbucks. The man received 19 million euros or… 1,675 times the median salary of employees of the chain of cafes. However, the support it has received from shareholders allows it to appear only at 43e ranking rank of As You Sow.

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