Amidst the astonishment of doctors… 187 coins were removed from a man’s stomach

Doctors in an Indian hospital managed to remove 187 coins from a man’s stomach, after he underwent surgery.
According to the British newspaper “Daily Star”, doctors were stunned when they discovered that the man had swallowed nearly two hundred pieces of various categories weighing more than 1.5 kilograms, as a result of his psychological condition 3 months ago.
The newspaper added that doctors at Hangal Sri Kumareshwar Hospital in Bagalakot district, Karnataka in India, took two hours to remove the coins from the man’s stomach, according to Sputnik.
Dr. Ashwar Kalaburgi said that the man was going through a psychological problem, so he was swallowing these coins over a period of two to three months, adding that the man came to the hospital with symptoms of vomiting and stomach discomfort, and after x-rays and endoscopy, many were found. Coins are in his stomach, so it is decided to have surgery to get them out.
The doctor explained that the stomach expanded as a result of the huge number of coins, indicating that the coins settled in different places of the stomach.
After the coins were removed, the patient was treated for lack of water and other minor problems, and his condition is now stable.

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