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Amnesty at the massacre.. Painful photos and clips of the families of detainees in Assad’s prisons

by archyde

Asmaa Lamnawar wrote on Friday, May 6, 2022 10:09 am – the color of the gram that the Assad regime has worn, has not and will not stop, starting with confronting the peaceful Syrian revolution with fire in early 2011, leading to the arrest of tens of thousands, and the killing and execution of some of them, as recently shown in the clips. Leaked massacre of the solidarity neighborhood of Damascus.

The last chapter of the series of humiliation practiced by the Assad regime against the families of tens of thousands of detainees and forcibly missing persons, was the incomplete amnesty that was issued at the beginning of this month.

The timing of the decree did not go unnoticed by the Syrians, as it coincided with the publication of video clips days before its issuance, showing soldiers of the Syrian regime forces committing a horrific massacre in the Damascus Tadamon neighborhood.

Video clips showed families gathering in the streets of the Syrian capital, waiting for the detainees to be released from the prisons of the Syrian regime, while the numbers that were released did not exceed dozens at the time, when no less than 132,000 detainees were known in the various prisons of the Syrian regime.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 250 detainees have so far been released under the amnesty decree. Some of them were released from the famous Sednaya prison.

According to the attached lists, most of the released persons spent between 7 and 12 years in the militia’s prisons on the charge of “terrorism” that was attributed to them due to their opposition to the Assad militia, amid reports that new batches were being prepared for their release from military detention, especially Sednaya prison, while the Assad militia and his government did not disclose Officially announced the release process.

“I have been waiting for my five children and my husband since 2014. I have handed them over to my Lord,” Umm Maher told AFP while she was among the crowd near the President’s Bridge. “Six people who have no camel or camel,” she said, heartily. We have nothing to do with terrorism, the oldest of them is 25 years old and the youngest is 15.”

The agency also met Umm Abdo, who came to see her two sons, who have no knowledge of their fate since their disappearance in 2013 when they went to work. “I hope they come back,” she added, while she was waiting with her neighbour. “We’ve never hurt anyone in our lives.”

“I said to my neighbor, ‘Catch me if you see them, I might pass out’. I don’t know if I will recognize them or not.”

Firas Tlass

The Syrian businessman, who opposes the regime, “Firas Tlass” talked about a new plan that the Assad regime seeks to implement and to exploit the spread of the video to achieve some narrow interests and goals.

In a post he published on his official Facebook page, Tlass indicated that Assad wants, after the spread of the “Tadamon Neighborhood” video, and the reactions to it, to achieve goals he had been striving to achieve for many years.

According to the latest report issued by the “Syrian Network for Human Rights,” at least 194 cases of “arbitrary arrests,” including six children, were documented during the month of April, stressing that the number of arrests by the Syrian regime on a monthly basis is many times more than the cases of those released.

The number of detainees at the hands of the Syrian regime forces last April reached 97 of them, according to the report issued on May 5.

The wounds healed again

Opposition activists circulated on social media the stories of some of the released people, and the trauma they had for their families who lost hope of seeing their loved ones again.

According to some accounts, one of the released persons from Daraa, southern Syria, had lost his memory from Sednaya prison after spending 11 years there.

Those close to him confirmed that he was identified by the people at the President’s Bridge, adding that when the released detainee arrived at his home, the surprise was that he only remembered his wife from his family, but the biggest shock was that his wife had married in his absence after she reached his family confirming news His death in prison.

And this story is not the only one, but there are dozens of stories that have been reported, where another source mentioned that one of the released detainees delivered news of forcibly disappeared people he recognized in prison, some of whom his family thought had died, and a funeral ceremony was held for him years ago.

It is worth noting that the issuance of the presidential pardon came after the British newspaper “The Guardian” and the “Newlines” Institute published last week horrific videos dating back to 2013 showing the liquidation of dozens of people at the hands of government forces in the Tadamon neighborhood in Damascus.

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