An agreement between Textor and Aulas

2023-12-11 22:34:40

All is forgiven. In the wake of Lyon’s victory over Toulouse on Sunday, an agreement was formalized this Monday between John Textor and the emblematic former president of OL Jean-Michel Aulas.

The company OL Groupe has indeed announced a deal concluded with JMA’s family holding company – Holnest – for the repurchase of shares which until then remained the property of the former boss of Les Gones; an agreement providing for the end of legal proceedings between the two parties.

The Aulas clan therefore renounces the legal actions launched against OL Groupe this summer, while selling a third of its remaining shares for the sum of approximately 14.5 million euros. In accordance with a clause adopted upon the transfer of the club on December 19, 2022.

Present at the stadium on Sunday to witness the return to form of the Lyonnais, Jean-Michel Aulas welcomed this outcome in a press release: “ It was urgent and logical to respond positively to John Textor’s offer to accompany him to Groupama Stadium and sit right behind him. […] We must support all the players through thick and thin, it is by being positive and trusting them that we will return to the game: the coach is appreciated and effective. Let’s all stand behind this group, stop criticizing, it’s time to unite to save ourselves. »

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