An AI turns Diablo into an 80s action movie in the style of Conan | video games | TECHNOLOGY

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay and in recent months it has presented various advances in all fields. From the , and also him AI surprises us every day.

One of the most interesting results that have been seen in networks is the AI ​​that was in charge of transforming the video game Diablo 1 in a photo gallery with a style inspired by the action movies and dark fantasy of the 80s, as well as those remembered Conan o Willow.

Here we leave you the complete video so that you can evaluate it with your own eyes:

As we can observe, The video includes images of skeleton soldiers, the people of Tristram, King Leoric, the Devil himself, the blacksmith Griswold, among others.

The person in charge of this work has been the artist , who took advantage of artificial intelligence MidJourney to recreate the legendary Blizzard video game in an 80s movie.

For those who don’t know, Diablo is an action RPG video game developed by the company Blizzard and was released in 1996.. Since then, the franchise has positioned itself as one of the strongest in the genre for its gameplay, story, and action.

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