An American actor was reprimanded after his support for the Zionist entity in a demonstration in support of Palestine

2023-12-20 03:00:00

05:00 AM Wednesday 20 December 2023

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

American actor Alec Baldwin was rebuked by anti-Zionist demonstrators on Monday evening, many of whom flocked to Penn Station and Grand Central Station in New York City.

Alec attacked the demonstrators supporting the Palestinian people who told him, “He has no shame,” and you wasted your career amid skirmishes between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

“Alek” was seen walking near the demonstration on West 29th Street when the demonstrators saw him and rushed towards him, accusing him of supporting the occupying Israeli entity. The New York Police also accompanied “Alek”, who began shouting at the demonstrators.

Many Palestinian demonstrators shouted at Alec Baldwin, saying: “Shut your fucking mouth, you have no shame.” When asked if he condemned Israel, he replied: “No, I support peace in Gaza.”

A source close to the American actor said, according to The New York Post, that Alec was very angry and was on his way to teach an acting class, and that he did not intend to go to the protests and had not participated in any of these demonstrations before.

The source commented, “He was approached forcefully by the demonstrators and repeatedly, and the police intervened to avoid further confrontation so that he could reach his destination safely.”

The clashes came shortly after the demonstrators arrived at the Moynihan train hall in Pennsylvania Station, and police officers thwarted the entry of most of them by placing barriers around the entrances to the train station.

Many of the brightest stars and filmmakers around the world woke up recently and declared their solidarity with the Palestinian people and signed a petition in which they called on US President Joe Biden for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the entry of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian side, including actor Mark Ruffalo, star Angelina Jolie, model Bella Hadid, American actress Susan Sarandon and others.

It is noteworthy that Alec Baldwin is starring in a number of cinematic works scheduled to be shown next year, most notably the drama film “Rust” and the film “False Awakening.”

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