An Asian-style Ebenseer Glöckler and a brand new shade referred to as Traunsee blue

Now you can expertise a dawn in a mountain. That is proper – not on, however in. Artist Siegfried A. Fruhauf illuminates a tunnel within the Hochlindach quarry, normally referred to as Karbach, above the Traunsee (east financial institution) with 100 building website lamps that sparkle one after the opposite – it’s an virtually mystical spectacle.

The Higher Austrian’s set up “Alpenglühen Karbach” just isn’t even the best contribution to the “Villa Karbach” challenge, which is designed by the Capital of Tradition as an expedition that wishes to attach artwork, nation and folks: Linz resident Isa Stein turns into a white coronary heart in the summertime shovel instantly on the plateau of the quarry.

Picture: Otto Saxinger


“Alpenglühen Karbach”: gentle on the finish of the tunnel tunnel
Picture: Otto Saxinger

However “Villa Karbach” doesn’t search for grand gestures to ensure consideration. Regardless of the bizarre areas – along with the quarry, there may be additionally the Villa Panchoulidzeff in Traunkirchen reverse – the artwork creeps in quietly, however is all of the extra humorous and out-of-the-box.

The curators have been answerable for this: Martin Sturm, who calls “Villa Karbach” a “maturity take a look at in retirement” (as head of the OK Linz), and the Swiss Paolo Bianchi. An excellent instance of the sudden in “Villa Karbach” is the inventive analysis “Ultramarina” by Tyrolean Thomas Feuerstein. The diatoms native to Lake Traunsee introduced a Eureka second, or fairly their tiny skeletons product of silicon. With this and different pure substances from the realm, the chemist on the challenge managed to supply pigments that now kind the brand new shade “Traunsee Blue”.

This isn’t only one pigment, however 35 totally different aspects of blue. Identical to Lake Traunsee, which exhibits all kinds of shades of blue. The method for producing the pigment is to be patented, as a result of the brand new algae used reduces power consumption by 95 %. Feuerstein has aesthetically ready all of this in a warehouse within the quarry: witch’s kitchen meets science fiction laboratory.

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