An Egyptian star screams madly after the scene of her cohabitation turned into a reality… and all the staff stands in shock! who are you ?!

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She was considered one of the most beautiful Egyptian artists. She is a famous artist, born in Alexandria in 1960. She presented her first acting experiences through the play A man is not able to do so.

As for her first cinematic experience, it was through the movie “The Poor, My Children”, and she also participated in the famous “Fatouta” fawazir.

She was exposed to many rumors in her personal life, most notably her secret marriage to “Muammar Gaddafi” the late President of Libya, but she completely denied this rumor, she is the artist “Samira Sidqi”.

She also received the title of “The Heroine of Contracting Films” for twenty years and was accused of presenting an art that corrupts public taste, which made her respond to these criticisms directed at her, explaining that the word “contractor” refers to a product that deals with a director over a set of films in exchange for a sum of money, and it is not correct. To call an artist.

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