An indication that the murder is in despair that he will not get a job soon; Did not get Malayali friends Kerala News | News from Kerala

It is hinted that Saju’s frustration with her husband Kannur Irti Patiyur Chelapal due to the killing of Malayalee nurse Anju and her 2 children in Britain is the reason for the sudden irritation. After Anju got a job as a nurse in a hospital in Kettering, Saju went to Britain on a dependent visa. Later the children were also taken.

According to British law, children should not be left at home alone at work. One of the parents should stay at home to take care of the children. With this, Saju was convinced that he would not be able to get a job soon. And there were no Malayali friends.

The information received from the Malayalees from there is that he committed the murder while intoxicated. Anju and her children Jiva and Jhanvi were found murdered on the night of the 15th. Anju, the daughter of Vaikom Kulasekharamangalam Arakkal Ashoka, was killed. According to British law, Saju could be sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison if found guilty of murder.

Anju’s father, Ashokan, says that even though a huge amount of money will be needed to transport the bodies, he hopes to get government help and help from Malayalee organizations in Britain. They have received information that it will cost around 30 lakh rupees. Ashok cannot raise such amount alone.

The response of the Indian High Commission is to be received as part of the efforts made through NORCA to bring the dead body home. Union Minister V. Muralidharan, Thomas Chazhikadan MP, Suresh Gopi and others were in touch with the Indian High Commission. Financial assistance was also offered through the Malayali Samajam.

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