An innovative application in the treatment of sleep apnea is born: saving time and money

The application also makes it possible to detect patients who need to be remotivated.

“We can very quickly identify patients who are dropping out and either remotivate them, or – if the patient is really refractory to treatment – look for another alternative, recover the machine and stop reimbursement of the daily fee”says Jean-Luc Pirlot, Resmed – Airviews business development manager.

Today, 140,000 Belgians are treated for sleep apnea. But according to experts, 450,000 Belgians could suffer from it, or 6% of the adult population. And if this difference is so important, it is because the disease is underestimated and screening is cumbersome.

The device is innovative but still needs to be validated. The INAMI must also accept reimbursements for diagnoses and treatments carried out at home.

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