An investigation opened for “breach of privacy” after the exposure of a photo of Emmanuel Macron in a swimsuit

“An investigation is underway” and “the investigations have been entrusted to the BRDP”, the Brigade for the repression of delinquency against the person, said the prosecution, without saying either the exact reasons for this investigation, or the people targeted.

The Elysee Palace said it had “no comment” on this affair.

According to Europe 1, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron are at the origin of the complaint which targets in particular a paparazzi, author of the incriminated photo.

The latter has, according to the media, “exposed for a fortnight of photos of Presidents of the Republic on their vacation spots”, including those of Emmanuel Macron, “just in front of the Elysee Palace”.

The photo of the president on his jet ski would have been taken “last year” and would have already “circulated in the media”, according to Europe 1 which specifies that “the organizer of the exhibition was heard for two and a half hours by the police at the start of the week ”.

Thibault Daliphard, one of the photographers of the exhibition, indicated that he was going to be auditioned by the police on Tuesday in the Var, where he resides, without however knowing “for which photos” he would be.

He said he was very “surprised” by the complaint of the presidential couple because the Elysée had informed the gallery owner Daniel Delamare that the photos “disturbed” and they had, according to the paparazzi, “immediately been removed”.

“It is even incomprehensible”, the photos having “for the most part already been published without there having been such a fuss at the time of their dissemination,” he added.

This exhibition “was only intended to present an unknown profession” and “in no way to provoke or undermine the president,” he continued. “It was simply intended to see the presidents off, people who have (vacation) activities like Mr. Everybody, off official. “

It is “even a presidential tradition to see photos of French presidents during their holidays”, from “Pompidou at Fort de Brégançon to Emmanuel Macron, including Giscard in a swimsuit,” he said.

“The photo on the jet ski shows a young, dynamic president, with almost a Kennedy-style air, so I don’t see how the image is negative,” lamented the paparazzi who said he had done this job “since then. 15 years ”.


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