An open investigation for death threats after a new video of Mila

“And last thing, watch your buddy Allah, please. Because my fingers in her asshole, I still haven’t got them out. ” Already worried in January for a publication where she was attacking Islam, the Isère teenager Mila posted a new video on the social network TikTok where she again criticizes the Muslim religion.

Sunday afternoon, her name was number one in Twitter trends, hours after the girl attacked her detractors in her video. Insults, hate messages and death threats then burst onto Twitter, where the young woman also received numerous support from personalities including that of the Minister for Citizenship Marlène Schiappa. “It is no longer controversy, it is persecution, against a minor moreover”, she wrote, stating that she would send a report to the prosecutor on Monday.

Investigation opened for “death threats”

In the meantime, the prosecutor’s office in Vienne (Isère) announced on Sunday the opening of an investigation for “Death threats in writing and electronic harassment”, as indicated in a press release the public prosecutor Audrey Quey.

This survey, “Entrusted in co-referral to the hate crimes division of the central office for the fight against crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes and hate crimes, as well as to the section of research of the national gendarmerie of Grenoble ”, is “Issued by the counts of death threats in writing and electronic harassment”, specifies Audrey Quey.

According to the magistrate, the perpetrators of these threats, once identified, will be prosecuted and face up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Last January, Mila published a video that went viral in which she made virulent criticisms of Islam, triggering a surge of threats – which forced her to leave her high school – but also support.

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During the summer, the young girl had been threatened with death and rape while she was in Malta on a language stay. The author of the threats, an Algerian living in France, had been arrested and sentenced to suspended prison by the Maltese justice.

In France, in Auch, a 23-year-old young man was sentenced on October 1 to three years in prison including 18 months suspended, again for death threats against the teenager.

Romain Métairie with AFP


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