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Media analysis, Manchester United released Cristiano Ronaldo from the team, which has a positive effect on the club. Bring the Red Devils back to form again

“Red Devils” Manchester United always open home games. “Southern Saints” Southampton 0-0 Eric Ten Hag, head coach of Manchester United, praised the team who could always push until the end of the game, even if only 10 players were left after being sent a red card. Casemiro from the 34th minute, suspicious of football fans about the standard of judgment.

From the aforementioned game, today (March 14, 2023) Manchester Evening News Manchester’s famous media To analyze that the release of “Cristiano Ronaldo” from the team during the winter market past.

“Ronaldo” hopes to break 3 Saudi league records

Ronaldo scores 4 goals, surpasses 500 career goals, leads Al Nasser to victory

It has a positive effect on the club both in terms of the player-coach relationship and the atmosphere in the dressing room. make the red devil army more unified As a result, the team can return to form in a short time and play the way a big team should play. By giving an example of being able to come back to win Real Betis 4-1 and support a goalless draw with Southampton. Even before losing to Liverpool 7-0

Manchester Evening News also reported that Rumors swirled in the club’s dressing room and rifts between some players. Although some players will come out to deny such rumors. But the most visible controversy at the time was the disagreement between Cristiano Ronaldo and captain Harry Maguire.

This could be one factor in Maguire’s drop in form in previous seasons due to the pressure Ronaldo put on the defender. by Manchester media said Maguire’s form began to return to more erratic this season. It was because Ten Hag passed on a good attitude. Always ready to drop during Maguire’s form. And trying to push this English defender to return to form again

The atmosphere in the dressing room Manchester Evening News It’s reported that Ronaldo was unhappy at Old Trafford until he gave an unauthorized interview to Piers Morgan ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Negative aspects within the club causing a bad atmosphere in the dressing room Corruption within the team leaked to the media. and division Until the Portuguese striker had to leave the team to the Saudi league

which from taking Manchester United Wins over Real Betis, holds Southampton draw and winning the Carabao Cup with an atmosphere in which football fans feel that the team is moving in a better direction has shown that Even without Ronaldo The Dutch coach was able to change the attitude and atmosphere of the team to return to being “United” again.

The next match for the Red Devils is a visit to Real Betis in the UEFA Europa League round of 16 round two on Thursday night, March 16, at 12:45 a.m.

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