“Anand” suggested that the government create reconciliation, difficult to answer “coup d’etat” or not?

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6 Mar. 2022 19:12

Anand Panyarachun, former prime minister, suggested that the government build reconciliation. The political crisis has become more severe than before. It is difficult to answer. Will there be another coup?reform the countryneed to reform the structure solve economic monopoly There is a government that comes from the people. and the Prime Minister must be a member of the House of Representatives

On March 6, Mr.Anand Panyarachun former prime minister Giving an interview to the YouTube channel, 3rd council to the 30-year lesson, what happened in May 35, what did Thai society get in the development of democracy in 79 years from the change of government to the present? There are events that happen over and over again. Like the month of May 35 because we are not interested in history Let history repeat itself There is a government, it rarely meets the needs. Or the will of the farmers, farmers, the poor, there is fraud, corruption, and then the military has to revolutionize the coup. The government that came in after the coup They use repetitive methods, arresting the punisher, and attacking the people in various ways. abuse of power Instead of making each group with different opinions sit on their knees and talk to each other. find solutions that are mutually beneficial

When asked if the government did not create reconciliation social sector or people How to make reconciliation In order for democracy to move forward, Mr. Anand replied that the people had quite a lot of their voices. But how much is the government listening? Or listen and understand? there will be reconciliation must create mutual understanding don’t look down on each other mutual respect for both parties If one party thinks I have power, you must listen. It was irreconcilable.

When asked if Thai society does not reconcile But there will still be conflicts and confrontations like this. If there is another crisis like in history What to do to prevent violence? Mr. Anand replied that he believed that soon there would be another crisis in Thailand. Every time there is a crisis, it is heavier than the old crisis. because of the overthrow of the government, seize power, write a new constitution and then came to administer the state affairs It was repeated 18-19 times in a period of 78-79 years. The immediate result was that the poverty of the people was only getting worse, but because of globalization was good. The matter of the communication system that goes fast People may have more information. But the more information received doesn’t mean It is the correct information that matches the truth. make the economy bad Don’t have to talk about the management system at all because it’s getting worse. No one cares about good governance anymore. But who can take what and how much? But then, in a society where most of the resources go to the upper floors, Went with a few people, 10 or a few 100 people, but the other 95% or 60 million 70 million people below almost no one saw their heads. Therefore, there was a feeling of frustration and embarrassment. outraged This made the atmosphere more difficult to reconcile.

When asked about the past 30 years, summarizecoup d’etatNot the answer. If there is another conflict, how to prevent a coup? Anand laughed before replying. This would be difficult to answer. If going to ask the military not to take a coup, not sure. will be successful or not If a soldier in power has no guilt or feeling of compromise, if he sees everything as a game. What must win and lose He does not mean that the military came to manage, but had to see if the military was using power or not. If the power is not became a dictator If he can use his power, he is a dictator. The results are very damaged. But if the power is It is still a dictatorship. It does not help teach the society to know more about democracy. therefore to use the power to be or not to be The results were all negative.

When asked, stepping out of the conflict in various dimensions by creating democracy through national reform How to reform successfully? Mr. Anand replied that if reforming Thailand must reform the structure. solve economic monopoly In politics, the first thing to do is to write a constitution for people to eat is not enough. There must be a country structure especially in education political structure There is a government that comes from the people. The Prime Minister must be a member of the House of Representatives with freedom of assembly. be transparent There is equal justice in the law.

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