Ancelotti’s 2 problems

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The template of Real Madrid for the 2022/2023 season is undergoing changes notable for the coming season. The renovation of Luka Modric gives continuity to the squad but there are also new faces with the arrival of Antonio Rudiger to the defense axis. In addition, there have been departures of some of the players who ended their contract, as was the case with Marcelo the Isco, but there are other players Florentino Perez would like to output it but can’t find an easy way to do it.

It is the case of Luka Jovic and Mariano, two players who more than a solution have recently become a problem for the white team. The low participation and presence that both have had in recent seasons (it is not a matter of an isolated campaign) and their poor performance have meant that they have been relegated to the bench or even to seek an exit in the form of a loan as happened in the case from Serbian

Mariano has a contract with Real Madrid until the year 2023so he still has one last season left wearing white, and Florentino Pérez is facing the last opportunity to get some kind of economic performance for him in the form of a transfer. The Hispanic Dominican has had in recent years offers to leave and to try to succeed outside the Santiago Bernabeuas he did in the Olympic Lyon, but has always shown his refusal to leave and his efforts to convince Madrid. Of course, all his attempts have failed to date.

Jovic, for his part, is linked to Real Madrid until 2025 so his contract is for a much longer duration. The Serbian was already on loan last season at the Eintracht de Frankfurt, his home club, and he confidently showed that he is a very valid player, but this season on his return to the command of Ancelotti has returned to have a role of the most limited.

Now him Real Madrid has two problemsone for each of these players, and you will have to find a solution for them if you want to lighten weight in the squad with players who Carletto considered residual and thus make room for more possible additions.

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