André Dietz (Ingo Zadek) left the RTL series after 14 years

Weird humor, but also a big heart, made the physiotherapist Ingo Zadek a popular figure for 14 years, a perfect “big” brother and a good friend in the RTL series “Everything that counts”. Now actor André Dietz (45) is leaving the series after 14 years. On Friday, September 11, 2020, he stood in front of the EEZ camera for the last time. Say goodbye to Francisco Medina and Amrei Haardt.

Lots of moving EEZ moments

In the past 14 years, the role Ingo Zadek experienced many beautiful but also moving moments: the death of his first wife Annette (Ulrike Röseberg), the separation from his second wife Bea (Caroline Maria Frier) and the empathetic relationship with his third partner, Ice skating world champion Diana Sommer (Tanja Szewczenko) and a leukemia illness were the strongest stories of his character. The loving relationship with his half-sister Marie (Cheyenne Pahde), with his friends Ben (Jörg Rohde) and Marian (Sam Eisenstein) and especially the current, extraordinary friendship with Jennifer Steinkamp (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen) show that Ingo is far from life never lets you get down.

But as is so often the case: After a euphoria comes a low blow. And so Ingo is faced with a difficult decision and another turning point in his life when he leaves the series. Fearing for someone important, he has to make the decision that he can only be there for his family by saying goodbye to Essen.

There are more series videos on EEZ here


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