Andrea Vergara reveals that she suffered a health complication after Pasapalabra: “I have to operate” | TV and Show

After his removal this Monday from the program Pass word (Chilevisión), the law student Andrea Vergara placeholder image revealed that the day after leaving the television space, she began with a health problem that will lead to surgery.

As he told BioBioChileHours after hearing the news, she began with a crisis of pain that led her to consult the doctor, who diagnosed her with a three-centimeter stone in her gallbladder.

“Now I would not return to the program,” she said after being consulted, arguing that she should “return to the University for good and the other thing is that I have to operate, I have to remove my gallbladder. I’m in a lot of trouble ”.

“People who have had gallbladder surgery know that gallbladder discomfort before surgery is very unpleasant,” he added, so he said he should recover before eventually returning. “I can’t go to the program sick,” she insisted.

In this regard, he said that “I have had rare problems in the wadding (sic) and I didn’t know what it was. I made the first crisis after the program, just the next day. I consulted a gastroenterologist and there we learned that I have a three centimeter calculations”.

His experience: “Very beautiful months”

In the space animated by Julián Elfenbein, the participant faced Áxel Lira in El Rosco, who ended up taking the victory. At the end of the television space, the young woman, who appeared in 120 episodes in total, dedicated a few words of thanks and farewell, at which point she could not help crying.

“I am very happy, I am leaving with a full heart, satisfied with what I have done here. I would have loved to win El Rosco but the money I made with a lot of effort is my prize, “he said, referring to the 20 million he took.

“If those of The Chef’s Disciple they cry when they leave after a week, don’t ask me not to cry ”, he said jokingly, between tears.

After several days of what happened, Vergara recalled that “they were six very beautiful months, of a lot of learning, very intense and very exhausting. I summarize it as one of the best experiences of my life. Not because of having been on TV, but because of the dynamics of the program that meant studying, striving“.

“I was super calm,” he added. “I had a feeling that I was going to lose because the words no longer occurred to me, they were confused. It was a super accessible donut but I was very tired that day, ”she acknowledged.

His tears, he said, came because “it became a routine and obviously I made ties with all the people who work there (…) That moved me and I felt, deep down, a task accomplished. Those 20 million that I took with me I felt that they were not random, they were earned by hand“.

What’s coming

Andrea, now, resumed his studies that he had left, he warned, “thrown away.” First she took seven bouquets, then she kept five and finished with four as she progressed through the program. “In the end it was not to freeze. I had to adapt to the situation that I saw that I was still ”, he said.

The 20 million pesos of prize, meanwhile, will use them to pay credit cards that call her daily, she counted laughing. He will also give gifts to his family and another amount will be capitalized in an account, thinking about the future.

Upon his departure, he reflected through Instagram next to a photograph in which he collected part of his hundred participations in the television space.

“Sometimes things are not as we want in their entirety, but I leave happy, happy, grateful, full of learning and with a full heart,” she wrote.

“After facing so many donuts, I learned to trust myself, to count on me, because I was the only person I had at that time. It was very nice to feel capable, something that sometimes costs us to do, especially women, that we hear from girls that we are not enough, good enough, nice, intelligent, pretty, skinny, capable, etc “, he added.


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