Andrea Wazen: My cooperation with “Harvey Nichols Dubai” enhances the expansion of my brand in the region

2023-11-16 12:00:34

The imprints of the Lebanese woman, Andrea Wazen, have become clear in the world of shoe design. The designer, who was born in London, grew up in Beirut, and then moved to live in Paris; She studied at the prestigious Italian Fashion Institute “Marangoni”, where she discovered her great skills in shoe design.

In 2010, the Lebanese designer moved to London to obtain training with the most prominent shoe brands in the fashion world, such as: “Rupert Sanderson” and “Christian Louboutin.” The time she spent in major fashion capitals enabled her to formulate her inspiration and creativity in shoe design. Women, and establishing her own brand, which bears her name.

Here is this interview, which enables all readers to get to know Andrea better:

* Tell us about your early passion for drawing and designing shoes, and how did that make you a shoe designer?

– I was born to parents who work in the field of architecture, which contributed to shaping the viewpoint of me and my brothers in a profound way, and made us feel a strong inclination towards immersion in different art forms. For me, drawing and design had a special charm, and I was extremely passionate about shoes, a passion that turned year after year into an obsession. One day, with all the money my parents gave me to buy school books, I bought the latest pair of “MiuMiu” shoes. I still have it, and I intend to give it to my daughter when she gets a little older.

* How did the time you spent at the Marangoni Institute refine your skills and style in shoe design?

– I consider that period to be the foundation and starting point for my journey, as a brand founder and designer. That period contributed to the profound formation of my skills, by establishing a commitment to quality and innovation in myself, and left within me the desire for excellence, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. These are principles that continue to guide my approach to shoe design to this day.

* What are the most important lessons you learned during your training with “Rupert Sanderson” and “Christian Louboutin” in London?

– It was an invaluable experience, and left a huge impact on my journey, but the most valuable lesson I learned from these two industry giants is the commitment to creating shoes that not only provide amazing aesthetics, but also provide exceptional comfort and durability.

Since then, this lesson has become the foundation of my approach to shoe design, and it is a principle that I cherish in my professional career, as I came to realize that a beautiful pair of shoes is truly beautiful when it maintains its beauty without sacrificing comfort, and I began to focus on quality and comfort; To be an integral part of my brand identity.

* Attending shoe design courses at Central Saint Martins College of Art is impressive. How did this experience develop your design techniques?

Central Saint Martins emphasizes the importance of a strong concept and storytelling in design, and from there I learned that a pair of shoes can be more than just a shoe that we wear, but rather it can convey a story or a message, so through this approach I was able to create collections that receive Resonate with customers on a deeper level, beyond aesthetics. Therefore, I am very proud of the fact that every shoe style today is a reflection of my brand identity and its core values: (sophistication, elegance, and glamour). My designs also draw inspiration from the metaphor of the blooming flower, which symbolizes the transformative journey, from a young girl to a confident, mature woman.

A collaboration that enhances the growth of the Andrea Wazen brand

Cooperation with “Harvey Nichols Dubai”

* Cooperation with Harvey Nichols Dubai is important. How did you reach this partnership, and do you think it contributes to the growth and appreciation of your brand?

My cooperation with “Harvey Nichols Dubai” is of great importance to me, as this partnership represents a long-awaited dream to display my shoe creations in the prestigious “Harvey Nichols” store, which is a major center in the luxury products sector, and I believe that our cooperation is the beginning of a wonderful journey towards development. My brand name is more popular in Dubai and the region.

* What unique aspects of your shoe collection will be available at Harvey Nichols, and what kind of experience can customers expect?

– We offer a variety of styles, including: ankle straps, slingbacks, and loafers, and one of the standout pieces on display is Andrea Wazen’s classic ruffled Tulle Franca shoe, which is available in its original form, as well as a crystal-encrusted version. All in all, with a matching bag for a complete and elegant look. The shoes on display will provide an immersive experience, reflecting the core values ​​of the brand: (sophistication, elegance, and charm), which I always refer to in all my creations.

* How do you feel about launching your collection in a high-end store like Harvey Nichols Dubai, and what does this mean for your brand in the future?

– Three years ago I moved to Dubai, and since then Harvey Nichols Dubai has become my favorite shopping destination, and I have always admired their selection, so seeing Andrea Wazen shoes displayed on the floor of this store is a dream come true. In addition, this collaboration represents an important step forward for the future of my brand, providing a great opportunity to increase visibility and growth, and reach a wider audience, who appreciates craftsmanship and distinctive designs.

From the Andrea Wazen collection displayed at Harvey Nichols Dubai

* What distinguishes the “Andrea Wazen” brand in the world of shoes?

– I always want to present my brand’s shoes as a captivating mix of romance and drama, seamlessly intertwined with soft and dominant elements. My preference for combining tulle and crystals influences the delicate and strong character of my shoe designs, in addition to the fact that at the heart of my brand’s aesthetic lies the symbolic flower, which evokes a sense of femininity and a journey of prosperity towards strength. The brand’s visual identity represents the modern woman, gracefully navigating life’s complexities while remaining strong, so my brand ethos is a warm invitation to all, where every woman can embrace both being strong and wonderfully feminine.

* High-quality, handcrafted shoes are an essential feature of your brand. Can you tell us more about your commitment to quality and craftsmanship?

My brand focuses on providing high quality handmade shoes. In order to maintain this commitment, we chose Parabiago, Italy, an area of ​​Milan famous for its world-class shoe manufacturing, as the production center for our shoes, where each pair is made from carefully selected leather and the finest fabrics, ensuring exceptional quality and comfort. In addition, our skilled craftsmen apply their expertise, care and attention to every detail, producing shoes that are a testament to the brand’s aesthetics and dedication to craftsmanship that is so dear to my heart.

* In your creative routine when designing a new shoe, do you draw inspiration from specific sources or experiences?

– It is a deeply personal journey, often ignited by the influences around me. It usually begins with an initial idea, concept, or even emotion, which I then clarify further through research, drawing, and experimentation, using different materials and designs. Because of this, each shoe carries its own unique story. A reflection of a combination of personal experiences and cultural inspirations associated with the city of Beirut where I grew up, and the desire to create shoes that seamlessly combine style and comfort. My ultimate goal is to create shoes that not only look great, but also tell a story that inspires others.

Environmentally friendly materials

From the Andrea Wazen collection

* Sustainability is a growing concern in the fashion industry. How does your brand address sustainability and ethical considerations in the production of its shoes?

-We try to prioritize sustainability, by considering eco-friendly materials, including: cotton-blend satin fabrics, and non-toxic dyes. In our upcoming collection, scheduled to debut at Harvey Nichols soon, we have also incorporated a mix of linen and raffia, reinforcing our commitment to responsible and elegant design.

* What are your aspirations for “Andrea Wazen” as a brand, and what do you hope to achieve in the coming years?

-I want to continue to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, and bring exceptional shoes to life that resonate with women all over the world. In the coming years, I hope to see my brand recognized as a global symbol of style and quality. Ultimately, I want “Andrea Wazen” to be synonymous with empowerment and celebrating feminine strength, where every woman experiences delicate feminine feelings along with strength while wearing our shoes.

* As a successful entrepreneur in fashion design, what is your advice to young women aspiring to make their mark in this field?

– I would like to say to all creative young women who aspire to enter the world of fashion: You must adopt your own style and vision, and not be ashamed of being bold, taking advantage of opportunities, and embracing your creativity. I also advise them to maintain that unwavering spirit and flexibility when they face challenges, and not to forget the amazing value of building relationships, and to seek guidance from experienced people. It is important to surround themselves with a supportive circle that shares their passion, and to remain true to what they love. In this industry, diversity and fresh perspectives are a breath of fresh air, and a unique style is a strong asset. Most importantly, the designer must trust herself and her talent, and make her passion the force that drives her towards achieving her dreams.

* Are there future projects for your brand?

– There is a lot that will happen in the near future, and I am very excited about it; So stay tuned for some exciting announcements, and I’ll give you a little hint: there’s something special for the little ones!

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