Andy Rivera is praised for photos in a Christmas tree

The famous Colombian urban music singer known as Andy Riverausually has a physique admired by both men and women, because it is a man who likes physical training and keeping fit.

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On his Instagram account with more than 5 million 800 thousand followers, the renowned musical artist usually publishes the results of these exercises in photos and videos that reveal how his body is currently.

In this opportunity, Andy not only wanted to leave many of his fans with their mouths open, but also wanted to show how proud he is that he already put together his Christmas tree, posing next to it.

In the description of the post, the singer asked what his followers would like as a gift and highlighted the quality of his little tree:

“Do you already know what they are going to ask for as a gift this Christmas? [emoji de arbolito de navidad] At least around here I already reassembled the tree that I have been putting together for 10 years [emojis de caritas riéndose a carcajadas] (I don’t understand how it lasts so long)” wrote the famous Colombian.

One of those who commented on the artist’s publication was another urban singer, Farinawho expressed admiration for Rivera’s beautywriting: “Brother, but you are very handsome [emoji de carita sudando] You are the sensation of the block. I love you very much [emoji de corazón]”

The reactions of his followers

The publication of Andy, which consists of two photos and a video in front of a mirror that he has in the living room where he put together the little tree, was taken less than two days ago and already has more than 130,000 likes and 960 comments. in which her fans expressed how impressed they are with the gallantry of Rivera.

“Your body reflects what your mind has: peace, tranquility and that’s why you shine next to that tree”, “Yes, you come back with Lina”, “I love you @andyrivera, I love you as a gift I love you so much my love God bless you” are some of the messages Rivera received.

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