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angry, Cristiano Ronaldo causes a clash between two legends!

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It was Michael Carrick’s big bet and we’ll never know if he really paid off. Cristiano Ronaldo was installed on the sidelines by interim Manchester United coach for the shock against Chelsea. The Red Devils managed to bring back a point from Stamford Bridge, resisting a big domination of the Blues and CR7, for his part, came into play without being able to influence the last half hour before leaving the lawn quickly, visibly angry and without shaking a hand before slipping away.

The strong choice of Carrick with Cristiano Ronaldo does not fail to debate since in England, and in particular between legends who have become consultants. Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane, the two former players of Liverpool and Manchester United, have indeed exchanged particularly lively on the management of the CR7 case. When Keane was offended to see the Portuguese star on the bench for a match of this importance, Jamie Carragher instead considered his presence on the bench to be a “non-event”.

The tone is raised because of Cristiano Ronaldo

“Ronaldo, if you meet him in the parking lot, you see a guy who has won everything, he comes back to carry the club, of course he wants to play in these matches”, notably dropped Roy Keane while Jamie Carragher s’ is shown to him prickly. “Why did Man United sign Cristiano Ronaldo? They signed him to prevent him from going to Man City. It was not planned to sign Cristiano Ronaldo ”replied the former defender of the Reds before the tone continued to show on other matters. A tasty exchange shared by Sky.

to summarize

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t really appreciate being on the sidelines at kick-off against Chelsea. Ostensibly annoyed, the Portuguese striker caused a clash between two big names in British football.

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