Anita Espósito’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey: From Transformation to Health and Happiness

2024-01-14 16:40:22

Close to her Instagram followers, Anita Espósito, Lali Espósito’s sister, spoke about her physical change. The young woman lost 40 kilos and in addition to revealing what this process was like, she showed the shocking before and after of her transformation, which aimed to improve her health and quality of life.

“Did you diet? How did you take care of yourself? ”They asked her through her stories. “On October 2, 2020, I published this because I couldn’t even believe that she had started. I started a week before this to eat well and try to exercise. It was a long process, I cried a thousand times, but I never gave up,” she revealed, proud of herself.

“Also, I started the psychologist six years ago, I never let go of her, she is my top three contacts on WhatsApp. Using tools for moments of crisis is one of my greatest learnings,” added Anita, with an open heart, highlighting that doing therapy was key to moving forward.


“How many kilos did you lose? Just diet or bariatric?” they wanted to know.

“I lost 40 kilos. Psychologist, diet, exercise, meditation and time. “She cannot expect to erase her entire life of bad habits in two months,” she stated, consciously, along with a photo in a bikini in which she looks happy and relaxed.

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