Annie-Soleil Proteau is back at work after being hospitalized

After forced sick leave due to COVID-19, Annie Soleil Proteau is finally back on the film sets of VAT.

It’s when he returns to the show Hi hello that the host declared her enthusiasm: ” I won’t hide from you that I’m coming here, I’m so happy to see everyone, I’m a little out of phase, it seems like I kinda forgot how to do it ».

“thank you so much for your healing wishes”

Several admirers were happy to welcome the host and posted messages on social networks. To this, Annie-Soleil Proteau replied: “ That’s pretty much how my last month went. In a bed, surrounded like a panda, with a nice range of drugs and doctors. That’s enough: tomorrow I take out my concealer and go back to Salut Bonjour! I really look forward to meeting you. I read every one of your messages, thank you so much for your healing wishes and loving words. That works. You made me feel good ».

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