Anny Duperey confides in her great regret about her

Guy Bedos died yesterday, Thursday May 28 at the age of 85. Tributes to the actor and humorist have multiplied since the announcement of the sad news. Her son Nicolas sent her a touching message on Instagram. “He was beautiful. He was funny. He was free and courageous. How proud I am to have had you as a father. Kiss Desproges and Dabadie since you are all in paradise”, he published. “Goodbye my adored father“posted his sister at the same time Victoria Bedos on the social network. His friend Jean-Paul Belmondo expressed his deep emotion. “After the successive disappearances of Michel (Piccoli, Editor’s note) and Jean-Loup (Dabadie, Editor’s note), Guy’s death breaks my heart once again. He was my very first friend in this business “, he explained in the columns of the Parisian. More than a friend, I am losing a brother. I have a moved thought for her children and for her partner Joëlle “, he added. Emmanuel Macron also paid tribute to Guy Bedos in a text published on the Elysée site, saluting the memory of “one of those who best embodied French laughter”.

She chose him as a partner in a series

Guest of Stéphane Bern in All in good time, Anny Duperey in turn spoke about the disappearance of Guy bedos. She shared the poster for the film by Yves Robert An elephant cheats a lot with him, but also played on television alongside him in the series Dear Marianne. On RTL, she also pointed out that it was she who had chosen him to be her partner in this fiction. “I don’t want to be alone on the bill. I want a partner. I like partners. And in fact, I had the idea of ​​proposing Guy as husband “, she remembered. This series allowed him to appreciate “what a nice partner, wonderful partner”, it was.

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“We let time pass and then here we go” “

And Anny Duperey has immense regret after the death of Guy bedos. “I blame myself for not having heard from him. Precisely when the film was ironed at the start of confinement, I said to myself, man, it’s been a long time since I have heard from Guy. I would have to call it. And you see how we are, we let the time pass and then here it is “, she explained to Stéphane Bern. And to the question of whether she had feared humor sometimes “devastating“from the former companion of Sophie Daumier, the ex Catherine Beaumont ofA wonderful family on the contrary praised its sweetness. “He was not at all in life as he was on stage “, she assured. “Guy was kind, shy even at times, very very amazing. He was a very tender, very caring partner. He worked a lot, he was not a very self-confident man somewhere and that was what was extremely touching: he could be incredibly efficient, have an extremely sharp mind and suddenly be almost shy, very humbly hardworking. It was really touching. He was an infinitely touching person.

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