Another blow for Gordon! – Well-known Neighbors

He’s like a boxer who gets punched every time he gets up…


Gordon just can’t seem to make a good comeback and ensure that people embrace him again. The comeback with his new CD turned out to be a complete disappointment after Today Inside kept showing a piece in which Gordon sang out of tune.

As a result, Gordon had to cancel his theater tour. According to rumors, hardly any tickets were sold. In the meantime, stories continued to circulate about a return of Geer and Goor.


However, Joling soon made it clear that he had no feelings for this at all. He really seems completely out of favor. And then the battle with his ex-fiancé Gavin, who wanted to take him to court.

So doom and gloom. But he had secretly hoped for good reactions after his performance in Meilandjes VIPS last Monday. Once again it turned out to be a disappointment, because the viewing figures of Meilandjes VIPS had not yet been that low.


Only 703,000 viewers tuned in for Gordon. And all this while Gordon made one sex joke after another. Carolien van der Plas attracted 1.3 million viewers in the same program. Let’s hope he does score in a suit on The Masked Singer!

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