ANSES retirements and pensions: who gets paid today, Thursday, February 22, 2024

2024-02-22 07:00:00

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) continues with the payments of the February 2024 calendar. Today, Thursday February 22, 2024on the payment dates set by ANSES, all retirees and pensioners who receive minimum salaries with DNI ending in 9.

ANSES: with the minimum wage, they increase Work, pensions and other social benefits

Complete payment schedule Retirements and pensions that do not exceed the minimum amount

They already charged:

  • DNI ending in 0: February 8

  • DNI ending in 1: February 9

  • DNI ending in 2: February 14

  • DNI ending in 3: February 15

  • DNI ending in 4: February 15

  • DNI ending at 5: February 16

  • DNI ending at 6: February 19

  • DNI ended at 7:20 February

  • DNI ended at 8: February 21

They charge today:

  • DNI ending at 9:22 February

Anses: according to the mobility index, the increase in retirements will be 27.18% in March

How much do they charge? retirements and pensions with minimum salaries in February 2024

The amounts for February 2024 remain the same as those for January. That is to say, retirees and pensioners with minimum salaries will continue to receive $105,713.

Let us remember that the last increase was in December when they registered an increase of 20.87% in the income corresponding to the Retirement Mobility Law.

Luis Caputo, Minister of Economy of Javier Milei, confirmed that during February the bonus of $55 thousand pesos that was paid in the months

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