Anson Lo contacted Jiang Tao by text message and said that the other party is OK: he is stronger than me (17:12) – 20230214 – SHOWBIZ

Article date: February 14, 2023

The men’s group MIRROR has not been able to attend the event for 3 months. Jiang Tao has been absent from the event due to physical discomfort. The outside world is worried about his current physical and mental condition. Lu Hanting (Anson Lo) said when he attended the event of his own brand today that he has been with Jiang Tao almost every day. Tao contacted by text message and had a chat at work, revealing that the other party’s current condition is OK. He said: “A lot of things happened in 2022. Everyone’s emotions may not pass quickly, and everyone is different. Although Jiang Tao is younger than I’m young, but he’s actually stronger than me, and he even suggested that I go on a trip. (Is there any chance for the two of us to travel?) It’s a bit difficult because our work schedules hit each other.”

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