Anthony Taylor and the Fate of Chelsea Apes

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Anthony Taylor touted when Chelsea lost 1-2 of Arsenal of FA Cup. There are accusations that the British referee often harms the Blues.

Taylor leads the match against the FA Cup final Arsenal vs Chelsea at Wembley Stadium, Saturday (1/8/2020). There are some decisions that are considered controversial.

Noted, there are three moments that failed to be decided well by Taylor. First is when the Chelsea midfielder, Mateo Kovacic, rewarded a second yellow card in the 73rd minute.

In the fight for the ball, Kovacic considered breaking Granite Xhaka. Not long, Taylor immediately gave him a second yellow card, which means Chelsea have to play with 10 people.

In slow shows, Kovacic was not supposed to violate Xhaka violently. Taylor was criticized for not using VAR in the incident.

Then, there are moments between Hector Bellerin with Andreas Christensen which is not considered a violation. In fact, Bellerin had nudged the Chelsea defender, who had originally won the ball. Then, a wild ball can be processed by Arsenal players into goals.

And the last is the moment when the Arsenal goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, seen catching the ball outside the penalty box. When trying to catch the ball of Chelsea’s ball, the Argentine goalkeeper crossed his territory in the 79th minute. Chelsea themselves lost 1-2 to their rivals in the final

Taylor was highlighted because of the moments in the final. Chelsea fans immediately made a petition because they thought the 41-year-old referee often harmed his favorite team.

Because, not this time Taylor is considered detrimental to Chelsea. In 2017, Taylor was also seen as ‘playing a role’ in Chelsea’s defeat to Arsenal in the FA Cup final, validating a goal Alexis Sanchez that smells hand ball.

Then in the Premier League match, Taylor did not consider the action Harry Maguire kicked in the groin of Michy Batshuayi, in the Manchester United v Chelsea match. After checking via VAR, Maguire is free from sanctions.

In the petition initiated by Ismail Jamshid, he asked the FA not to assign Taylor to lead Chelsea’s matches. As many as 3 thousand online signatures have been collected.

Petition urges Anthony Taylor not to lead Chelsea match Photo: screenshots

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