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An upscale sofa with a price tag of $58,000 was stolen Monday from a luxury furniture store in Mid City, Los Angeles. schematic diagram. (public domain)

[The Epoch Times, April 15, 2023](The Epoch Times reporter Wen Hui comprehensive report) A high-end sofa with a price tag of $58,000 was stolen from a luxury furniture store in Mid City, Los Angeles on Monday. Using surveillance footage, police believe they have identified the thieves.

According to comprehensive media reports, the theft occurred in the early morning of April 10 at the Merit Los Angeles branch on Robertson Boulevard. The store sells mid-century modern furniture as well as artwork and specimens, but other rare items aren’t of interest to thieves.

The store owner said thieves smashed through glass doors to steal a vintage mahjong sofa designed by German designer Hans Hopfer for furniture brand Roche Bobois. This unique sectional sofa uses authentic Italian Missoni fabrics and is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The person in charge said that the sofa was “very expensive” and “it’s beautiful. It’s antique, made of corduroy and silk…beautiful patterns, colorful floral patterns”.

Surveillance video captured the process of the thieves removing the furniture: the entire sofa was dismantled, stacked and removed. After the thieves loaded it into the van and backed it up, they cut off the camera outside the store.

The Los Angeles Police Department stated that according to the surveillance video handed over, they already knew who the thief was and were just trying to track him down.

“I think you have to know something about the piece to know its value. You have to be interested in furniture, especially mid-century modern furniture. The thief knew what he was doing,” the shop owner said.

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