“Anuel AA: The Puerto Rican Urban Singer Taking on Relationships and Billings in the Music Industry”

2023-05-05 01:44:00

The Puerto Rican urban singer anuel aa he took “Los hombres billan” very seriously in response to Shakira’s phrase “women don’t cry, women bill”, which he used in the collaboration he did with Karol G titled “TQG” with taunts both for Shakira’s ex, Gerard Piqué, and for anuel.

After this, Enmanuel Gazmey, has not released one, but several songs that refer to “La Bichota”, the most recent being “Más rica que ayer”.

But this Thursday the 30-year-old artist directly dedicated a song to his ex-fiancée and tagged her on Instagram. Is about “Better than me”produced by Dj Luian and Mambo Kings.

“I dedicate it to you baby,” wrote the interpreter of “China” on Instagram along with a short of about 30 seconds of the video clip and several kissing emojis.

“I miss you, they don’t understand you like I understand you, he doesn’t do it to you like I do”are the cleanest parts that can be gotten out of the subject full of sexual words.

On his concert tour, which began in the United States under the name “Legends Never Die”, anuel He mentioned the interpreter of “Tomorrow will be beautiful”.

“Could it be that Feid left her”intoned anuel AA, changing the lyrics of her song “Richer than yesterday”, instead of “It will be that her boyfriend left her”.

He also released “Mi exxx,” a collaboration with Wisin, on April 20.

Indeed, anuel she has gone with the flow of female artists billing on behalf of their past relationships.

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