Anwar Sadat loved her to the point of madness.. She married three times and gave birth to ten children.. She threatened the throne of Umm Kulthum.. She was prevented from entering Egypt completely.! !

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Perhaps Soad Muhammad would have had another affair had it not been for her private life, which seems to have been a major reason for her distance from the art scene, as she was not widely present.

Despite that, Souad Mohamed is considered one of the female singers who has a precious history; Where she sang 3 thousand songs, at a time when she was very busy with her family, what would she give us if she was free?

Souad Muhammad held Egyptian and Lebanese citizenship; Born to an Egyptian father and a Lebanese mother, she began her career in Cairo.

She married three times throughout her life, and the first time was to the Egyptian writer Muhammad Ali Fattouh, who is considered her discoverer.

He was about 30 years older than her; But she married him in order to escape from her brother’s criticism of her after entering the field of art.

She continued with him for 15 years and bore him six sons and daughters, “Fouad, Jawad Rashad, Hammad, Iyad, and Nohad”, then they separated.

Her second marriage was to the Egyptian engineer Muhammad Baybars, and she bore him 4 children, becoming the mother of 10 children, but their marriage did not last.

She married for the third time to a Lebanese man, but she did not have children, and quickly separated from him.

One of the strange situations she was exposed to was this situation in which she was accused of smuggling jewelry from Egypt to Lebanon.

This position was after Suad Muhammad achieved great success in the Arab world and Egypt in particular.
She was prevented from entering Egypt after she was accused of smuggling jewelry to Lebanon, even though it was her own jewelry that she brought with her from Lebanon; Therefore, the decision was rescinded in 1960.

This authentic and distinctive tarab voice had a special kind of lover, and kings and presidents fell in love with her voice.

Soad Mohamed was the favorite singer of the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat; Perhaps the greatest evidence of this is his issuing a special decision to continue her party after 12 o’clock, although it was forbidden to continue concerts after this time after the October war.

Indeed, the curtain was closed in one of the concerts broadcast on television while Fayza Ahmed was singing.
But during Souad Muhammad’s revival of a party in favor of the Lebanese community in Egypt in 1976,

The party officials were surprised by a call from President Sadat himself, ordering not to close the curtain, and Suad Muhammad’s continued singing, so she continued to sing until three in the morning.

She was also the singer that Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba preferred to listen to.

Also, King Hassan II of Morocco was keen to invite her on every occasion and award her the Nejmeh Medal.
She was awarded many honors from Arab countries.

In a rare meeting with her, the beautiful artist, Souad Muhammad, expressed her sadness at not having obtained her full right to promote her in the media, as was the case with Umm Kulthum.

She said that she was greatly oppressed, because at a time when the media was supporting Umm Kulthum, she only found the audience, and she did not get her right despite her great talent because of the media that ignored her talent.

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