Apple bans Telegram from launching new animated emoji feature ‘Telemoji’


Apps updated through the App Store will be reviewed by Apple first, and basically as long as they do not violate the policy, they will be released. However, the latest version of Telegram has been blocked. TG CEO Pavel Durov postIt said that Apple insisted that they delete the Telemoji animated emoji package in the new version without providing a real reason.

The Verge Quoting Durov, their Telemoji is a “higher-quality version with vector animations than ordinary emojis.” Although it looks similar to the basic version used by Apple, there will be more cute animations to help users express their feelings. It can even bring new directions to emoji, strengthening the entire ecosystem. Regardless of whether this group of Telemoji has such a magical effect, it is also intriguing for Apple to prohibit the publication of this group of pictures, because TG has always launched official animated stickers in the past, but it has only been strongly blocked today.

After a round of media attention, TG received a reply from Apple that the Telemoji group must be deleted in order to pass the review, and TG had to obey.Finally, after almost two weeks of turbulence,Approved for launchDurov repostSaid that this hurdle led them to create more unique and recognizable stickers, like the 10 new sets of stickers included in this update, exclusive to Premium users. In addition to Telemoji, this new version of TG has added many new features, including the ability to set who can send you videos and voice messages in the privacy settings, and it is applicable to group and individual accounts, reducing the chance of being harassed by weirdos.

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