Apple broke the news with 5 small details iPhone 13 will be able to shoot “super-clear night view of the starry sky”? – Technology

Apple’s launch event is coming soon. The high-profile iPhone 13 will be unveiled at the launch event. As in previous years, related rumors are endless. Various circles predict that the iPhone 13 will have some major upgrades, such as design, performance, and cameras. According to a report by “MacRumors”, among the countless revelations, there are 5 small details of rumors that are easily overlooked.

The first is the color part. There are reports that Apple intends to launch two colors for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, matt black and sunset gold. The overall tone of matt black is darker and darker than the graphite gray of the iPhone; in addition, There are also rumors that Apple may re-launch the previously highly acclaimed rose gold.

The second is to add an anti-fingerprint coating to the stainless steel edge, mainly because iPhone 12 users have found that it is easy to leave fingerprints on the frame of the phone, and there is news that Apple plans to launch a new phone On the top, the stainless steel frame is coated with an anti-fingerprint coating.

In addition, it has been revealed that Apple also plans to implant the “beamforming microphone technology” in the AirPods series into the iPhone 13 to improve the quality of the microphone’s calls and recordings.

Moreover, Apple introduced MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12 last year to add more practical functions to the back of the phone. Apple also introduced many protective cases and batteries for MagSafe, but some users reported that MagSafe’s magnetic force is still weak, so There are rumors that Apple may strengthen MagSafe’s magnetism.

Finally, Apple has been working hard to improve its own photo quality and photography functions in recent years. Last year, Apple strengthened its low-light photography functions by improving the lens, image signal processing, and optical radar (LiDAR) scanner technology. Pointed out that Apple may improve ProRes and film portrait mode, and will also enhance the astrophotography function, allowing users to automatically adjust the exposure and related settings when shooting the sky at night.

Article Source:Five iPhone 13 Rumors You May Have Missed


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