Apple iMovie 3.0 introduced with storyboards

Apple has introduced iMovie 3.0 with new features designed to make it easier to create videos on iPhone and iPad.

Storyboards feature helps to learn editing and improve video storytelling skills with templates of popular video genres. These include, for example, filmed home improvement projects, cooking recipes, product reviews, scientific experiments and much more. The video doesn’t rotate on its own, but allows aspiring filmmakers to create shot lists and includes step-by-step instructions to capture the required clips. _

The Magic Movie function creates a ready-cut video with transitions, effects and music from a clip without any further action. Users still have to enter the title themselves and can select a style that influences the video beforehand. If desired, the sequence of cuts can be rearranged, partially deleted and provided with different transitions.

iMovie 3.0 with new Storyboards and Magic Movie features is available now as a free update on the App Store for devices running iOS 15.2 or later and iPadOS 15.2 or later.

There is also a new version of iMovie for macOS that can import storyboard and Magic Movie projects from iOS and iPadOS.

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